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Butanone: A Small Increase In The Market
Jul 06, 2018

Entering this week, the domestic butanone market rose slightly. Since the end of last month, with the stabilization of factory prices, some middlemen and downstream customers have begun to replenish into the market in an appropriate amount. The market sentiment in South China has rebounded and the low-cost negotiations have gradually decreased. After entering this week, CNPC manufacturers sold at a steady price. Other parts of the factory were based on cost pressures. The actual shipping price was tested and the middlemen and some downstream intermediaries replenished the goods. The focus of the transaction also increased slightly. However, the downstream is in the traditional off-season. Some factories in the downstream are still in a state of parking. The overall demand is difficult to improve. As the price of butanone rises, the intention to continue receiving goods is not high, and the market is stagnating. In addition, considering that the market inventory level is expected to be high in July, the supply of goods needs to be digested, the industry's mentality is cautious, and the follow-up needs to pay attention to the impact of environmental protection policies on downstream construction. It is expected that the domestic butanone market will not fluctuate in the short-term.